Douglass Freed
Douglass Freed, an abstract landscape artist, captures a variety of atmospheric elements throughout his work; the mystical light found in nature, the haze in the distance on humid summer days, the overcast gloom of winter skies, the softness of landscapes bathed in gold, and the quieting mood of approaching darkness. The accessibility of his paintings draws the viewer in, bringing them to a meditative space. Freed’s paintings emanate peace, spirituality, and balance. The compositions of the artist’s work tend to be monumental, thus adding to the contemplative effect. Freed, born in 1944 and raised in Ulysses, KS, received his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Kansas State University in Fort Hays. The abstract-expressionist works of Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko and the structured geometric abstractions of Mondrian with their philosophical and spiritual underpinnings affected the artist deeply. Since Freed began exhibiting his art in the 1970s, his paintings and works on paper have been continuously shown and sold across the United States in hundreds of group shows and over fifty solo exhibitions to date. He has accomplished all this while working full-time, until quite recently, as an arts professional in academia and the museum world. His work is in the museum collections of the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, the St. Louis Art Museum, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, the Mildred Kemper Museum of Art, the Springfield Museum of Art, and the Museum of Art and Archeology at the University of Missouri in Columbia. “I try to find the grey area between traditional landscape painting and its abstraction into color fields. The compositions are about ambiguities of form and void, foreground and background and surface and deep space… My work continues in its evolution of style the search for an abstract means of probing the ambiguities of physical and spiritual experience of light, and its power to foster a more intense life of the spirit through profound emotional experience of form, color and composition.” - Douglass Freed
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